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Тележка со шлангом 20м HT 4.500 Kit 1/2
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Karcher Тележка со шлангом 20м HT 4.500 Kit 1/2"
6 490 руб.

Подробные условия доставки и оплаты.

Гарантия на технику 2 года!

Чрезвычайно мобильная тележка для шланга с креплением для хранения принадлежностей. Ручка регулируется по высоте. Читать подробнее.

Артикул: 2.645-168.0

Характеристики Тележка со шлангом 20м HT 4.500 Kit 1/2"

Масса (кг) 4,927
Габариты (длина х ширина х высота) (мм) 440 / 485 / 857
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Отзывы покупателей

  • 05.09.16
    I bought this and we are so happy with it very good
    Да, я рекомендую.
    Very sturdy, and does its job. My only issue is why sell a 50m hose, but not make a trolley for it.
    Нет, я не рекомендую.
    Очень доволен данной тележкой и качеством шланга. Участок в 5 соток хватает полить с лихвой. Отличный дизайн и функционал.
    Да, я рекомендую.
    This product looks really good, however its very light weight. I also broke the handle. Not sure how I did it but I don't think I used excessive force which was disappointing. The handle does work but I've to hold it tight when turning, if I don't it'll fall off. Other than that I do think its fine though and does the job
    Нет, я не рекомендую.
  • 25.05.16
    The reel is so tight that we have to put our feet on the lower bar to stop it tipping over when rewinding the hose. Not what I was expecting for the price & the name.
    Нет, я не рекомендую.
    I held back on writing a review until the weather improved before assembling and trying it out. The assembly instructions could be a bit clearer but thankfully the pictures do help (with careful study) to fix the less obvious parts to the frame, such as the hose connections and holder for the sprayer. The hose winding handle can be floded so it doesnt protrude from the frame when being stored but it's not fixed so can drop out (or get lost) if you don't keep an eye on it. The hose winder spool (when walking the hose out) seems a little stiff. This may looses up with time but some greaseing of the part would probably have made this easier. The side hose (you use to water, which is seperate from the main hose) needs consideration on just how long you need it to be as it has to be cut from the hose supplied (I used spare hose to avoid doing that, leaving more hose on the main reel). The main hose length is adequate but a few extra meters would have been better. In all, this is a rather unique and handy design which does make life easier especially as you can wheel the hose out as you walk along. The option to collapse and store the unit is a smart move and easy enough to achieve. Personallly it's a good buy even if it seems a touch on the expensive side although you do get more features than other similare hose reels. With care, this unit should last for a while as its seems sturdy enough provided you don't thow it about of are too heavy handed :)
    Да, я рекомендую.
    I was so disappointed in my recent purchase. Not only were there no instructions on setting up - perhaps it should be obvious, but not to me - but also the hose twists very easily, particularly during re-winding. Wish I had stuck to Hozelock!
    Нет, я не рекомендую.
  • 17.04.16
    The Kärcher Hose Trolley Kit is well designed for convenience and portability. More than just a hose reel on wheels, it is thoughtfully designed to make lugging your hose around the garden very easy, especially if you're getting on a bit. Although it's light, the materials and construction feel very robust and it quickly collapses for storage in the shed.
    Да, я рекомендую.


Тележка для шлангов HT 4.520. Высококачественная тележка со шлангом, с фиксаторами для пистолета, наконечника-распылителя. Максимальная длина шланга: 1/2 50м, 5/8 35м, 3/4 23м. В сложенном состоянии компактная для хранения. Эргономичная регулируемая по высоте ручка с нескользкой накладкой. Складное исполнение для компактного хранения. Угловой штуцер для присоединения шланга. Возможность фиксации распылителя. Крюк для короткого шланга. В смонтированном состоянии.Чрезвычайно мобильная тележка для шланга с креплением для хранения принадлежностей. Ручка регулируется по высоте. В комплекте: Тележка для шланга HT 4.500, шланг, 1/2" PrimoFlex® (20 м), распылитель «Plus» (2.645-177.0), 3 коннектора, 1 коннектор с функцией «Aqua Stop» и штуцером для присоединения к крану G3/4 с переходником G1/2. В смонтированном состоянии.

1 х коннектор с аквастопом  
Шланг PrimoFlex® 20м 1/2 "  
3 коннектора для шланга  
Угловой штуцер для подсоединения шланга  
Готов к использованию  
Держатель распылителя
  • Улучшенная мобильность
Легкое кручение
  • Эргономичная перемотка шлангов
Штуцер G3/4 с переходником на G1/2  
Большие колеса
  • Улучшенная мобильность
Регулируемая по высоте ручка  
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